Please note that I have currently accepted a job with the engineering team in a shipyard in Gloucester. With this in mind, I will still provide tech support for existing installations. Any new installations or practical work will now be carried out by AES Solar. They are well qualified for this kind of work and can be contacted on

Micro Hydro Power


When you tell anyone that you live in Western Scotland their response is often, "It rains a lot there!" This is quite correct and therefore hydro power is one of the more reliable forms of renewable energy. Hydro is much more reliable, pehaps surprisingly, than wind. One of the main advantages with hydro is that it gives a steady and predictable output wcich requires much less controlling. In short the electricity is easier and therefore less expensive to manage. There are obvoiusly certain geographical conditions to satisfy but if you are lucky enough to live near some moving water, it could be the right option for you.

We are part of the team that does regular maintenance work on the local hydro plant. This currently operates at about 180KW so is considerably bigger than most individuals would want.


peloton turbine runner

For most domestic individual project there are some really innovative products around. Powerspout are a fantastic company who have been purpose building small turbines for years. There are many of them all over the world and the one here has been so sucessful it has paid for itself in the first year. They are ideally suited to off grid applications and can provide massive savings on diesel bills given the right geographical situation.

micro hydro power

This picture shows 3 powerspout peloton turbines all running off the same supply. They each provide power for separate households in a small Scottish hamlet.

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