Please note that I have currently accepted a job with the engineering team in a shipyard in Gloucester. With this in mind, I will still provide tech support for existing installations. Any new installations or practical work will now be carried out by AES Solar. They are well qualified for this kind of work and can be contacted on

Wind Energy


Wind turbines can be a very effective way of harnessing renewable energy. There are pitfalls, however, and it is important to make sure you size them correctly for your own circumstances otherwise they may end up very costly in the end. Alternative Engineering is currently a dealer for Leading Edge Turbines.  They currently produce a range of turbines from 300W to 2.0KW. They have under development at the moment a larger 6.0KW model which should be in production soon.

Small Wind turbines




Off grid properties do not have the option to sell power to the grid so you need to use any power that you generate. Consequently, a smaller turbine is usually more applicable (and a lot cheaper) for these situations. There are DC models available for battery charging or you can opt for a grid tied version where the power is put through an inverter and used in the property direct.

The model shown here is a 600W model with a max output of 700W at a wind speed of 27 Knots.

We mount these, or any other, small turbines on our own designed mast. This is made entirely of Stainless Steel with a robust hinge system at the base to facilitate efficient lowering of the turbine.

Wind turbine mast hinge










For advice on government incentives regarding renewable energy, have a look at the Feed in Tarrif page or go to the Microgeneration and Certification Scheme website.

All our MCS paperwork is in place for wind, hydro or CHP and we are waiting for a practical project requiring approval to come up. If you are willing to work with us on a MCS project it would be an inexpensive way to access the FITs.

Please call to discuss individual jobs or requirements.

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