Please note that I have currently accepted a job with the engineering team in a shipyard in Gloucester. With this in mind, I will still provide tech support for existing installations. Any new installations or practical work will now be carried out by AES Solar. They are well qualified for this kind of work and can be contacted on

Off Grid Situations


There are a surprising number of off grid properties around the remoter areas of the UK and beyond. There are several options for electricity generation in these instances. The main problems with diesel are not only the increasing cost but also the additional hassle of getting it to these remote locations. It is therefore recommended that some sort of storage system and generator control be used to optimise generator running times and therefore fuel ecomomy. These systems will also interface really well with renewable energy.

remote electricity generation off grid power




Victron are now leaders in the field of renewable energy and storage. They produce a huge range of fully sine wave inverters which can interface very well with generator starting and battery monitioring. These units can be fully customised to your exact needs and can even be remotely controlled via Wifi if required.

We are working closely with Energy Solutions the main UK victron importer and we can now supply and install their complete off grid package.

Victron off grid kit  

victron complete off grid kit rolls batteries inverter

This picture shows and off grid kit combined with a 5KW Victron Quattro inverter, Both linked to an SDMO 5KW auto start generator with a Rolls battery bank of 1100AH at 48V. The off grid kit will start the generator for user programmable running times or when battery capacity reaches pre-determined levels. This kit will also link in well with grid tied renewables especially solar, wind or hydro. The kit provides an aritficial grid and the renewable power is used in the property first with any leftover being diverted back to the batteries. The generator running times are set to maximise renewable options. For example it will not run the generator and achieve a full charge to the batteries first thing in the morning so as to maximise the potential solar yield. The inverter also has a "power assist" function and it will use the generator as backup thus giving 10KW of available power. Waste heat from the jacket water of the generator engine ans also from the exhaust are used to heat domestic hot water and also the poly tunnel in winter.


Victron E-plex touch screen control. Continuously monitors all major load parameters and battery state of charge. Provides easy interactive control of the entire system. Touch screen remote battery, load and generator monitoring.
remote electricity generation

remote electricity generation


These are just some of the options available at the moment. We can spec a variety of different products and options to suit your particular application and budget.


For island properties or ones with only sea access we use our Cheetah Marine catamaran "Ruby Tuesday" as a means of access and delivery. She is a seaworthy little boat with a large carrying capacity and makes a very stable working platform.

remote electricity generation. Our cheetah marine catamaran for remote access

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