Please note that I have currently accepted a job with the engineering team in a shipyard in Gloucester. With this in mind, I will still provide tech support for existing installations. Any new installations or practical work will now be carried out by AES Solar. They are well qualified for this kind of work and can be contacted on

Alternative Engineering Solutions.

Specialists in Combined heat and Power, Off grid Power and Renewable Energy. Based in Western Scotland


We also are experts in general welding and fabrication. We are providing a valuable breakdown service for the marine and agricultural industries around Mallaig and Knoydart.

Alternative Engineering Solutions is a small company based in Knoydart, West Scotland  dedicated to maximising efficiency and streamlining power supplies in an off grid situation. If you generate your own electricity, there may well be areas where you could cut your total diesel bill or reclaim waste heat from your machinery. With some of these measures in place it is quite likley that you can achieve power 24hours a day at a much cheaper rate per unit than people on the grid. Alternative Engineering can give advice and/or practical help in achieving these goals. We can install intellignt battery monitoring to your system to minimise generator run time. We can reclaim waste heat from your generator, thus creating a combined heat andf power or CHP unit. We can install a wind turbine to your property. We can fit solar PV or Solar thermal panels to your roof. We can  install a micro hydro system. We can even design and build containerised power systems for the offshore industry or remote telecommunications applications. Many renewable energy companies give very biased forecasts as to the yield of the particular item. Anything we recommend has been real life tested on the West coast of Scotland where conditions are often harsh and not always ideal.

Jamie Robinson Director Alternative Engineering Solutions.

Jamie Robinson.Director, Alternative Engineering Solutions. off grid power, CHP Wind Energy




Jamie Robinson has lived in Knoydart in Western Scotland for over 30 years. During all of this time he has been in an off grid situation and has developed many different ways of maximising the efficiency of this lifestyle. He has worked for many years in the marine charter sector, both on sailing and on power driven vessels. This included not only operating the various vessels but building them in the first place and maintaining them as well. He is a hugely practical person who relishes the challenge of innovation and non standard applications. His problem solving ability is second to none.His experience both sailing and building traditional boats make the rigging of wind turbines second nature and his experience as a marine engineer stands him in good stead for heat reclamation from all sorts of Diesel machinery.




If you use power in an off grid situation, give Jamie a call and he will be happy to give advice and/or design a system that is right for each individual requirement.

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